On March 23rd, 2017 Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds entered early access on Steam. It remained in that state until the official release in December 2017, consistently updating and iterating. In that time, it’s become a gaming phenomenon, routinely ranked among the top games on Twitch and Steam. After that, Tencent decided to release a new mobile version of PUBG. This game can be downloaded directly from Apk Roof website. So, what is it about PUBG that captures audiences so well?

Pubg Mobile Story

While there isn’t a narrative in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the story of its creation is a long and fascinating one. In 2009 ARMA 2, an open world military simulation, was released for PC. Three years later a zombie mod called DayZ caught the eye of Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene who wanted to make something with high replicability. Initially inspired by The Hunger Games novels and the Japanese film Battle Royale, he began work on a mod of the mod; DayZ: Battle Royale. In 2013 he transitioned development to the newly released ARMA 3 but was then hired as a consultant by Sony Online Entertainment, now known as Daybreak Games.
In 2016 they released their version of battle royale, H1Z1: King of the Kill. Finally, Korean studio Bluehole was working on their own battle royale concept and reached out to Greene who within weeks became Creative Director on what is now known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The premise is simple. Survive against ninety-nine other players to be the last player standing.

PUBG MOBILE Apk Gameplay

At the beginning of each match, every player rides aboard a cargo plane and can parachute out whenever they choose. There is a fair bit of strategy involved when picking a drop zone as large buildings have the best equipment to scavenge but are usually heavily contested. Seeing the sky riddled with parachutes is a haunting sight as players descend in search of weapons and murder. Initially the map is vast, but the playable area periodically shrinks due to a constricting blue circle of electromagnetic death. The safe location of each map reduction changes randomly, forcing players to adapt on the fly and relocate to more hostile areas.
Knowing the other survivors are heading for the same place at the same time while having to navigate a huge portion of the map is stressful; To increase your odds at victory, finding precious equipment is essential. In each match, you start with nothing but the clothes on your back. You have to scavenge for everything you need. Backpacks increase your carrying capacity, armor and helmets offer increased damage resistance, and a variety of firearms and melee weapons yield various strengths and weaknesses. Weapon attachments can offer a significant advantage, especially scopes thanks to large open areas rife with sniping opportunities.
Continually seeing players eliminated as the rounds get closer to the finish is stimulating, even when death comes abruptly. Meaningful encounters can be inconsistent. It’s entirely possible to last upwards of fifteen minutes with no player contact only to be gunned down in an instant. Since the only objective is to be the last player standing, hiding is a completely acceptable strategy but isn’t always fun. Still, hearing the sound of encroaching footsteps and doors opening followed by a chaotic close-quarters skirmish is exhilarating, like living in a horror movie. Of course, if you have a craving for bloodlust and immediate action, landing at heavily-contested locations is always an option. Aside from the mission objective, it’s up to the player to decide what to do with their freedom. Avoiding players until the final confrontation, setting up traps to troll other players, or trying to rack up high kill counts are all ways to engage with PUBG MOBILE APK.


If playing solo is too intense, you can party up with another player in duos, or three others in squad play. You can even play solo against full squads. Having partners changes the dynamic of a match considerably. While you have more firepower with friends, you also need to scavenge enough items for the entire team which can be tricky.
You can stay close to revive downed teammates or split up to cover more ground. While you can certainly enjoy PUBG by yourself, just hanging out with a friend or two can make the long stretches of hiding or traversal much more enjoyable.
Currently, there are only two maps: the green hills of Erangel and the brown desert Miramar. Each map is massive and riddled with small towns, farms, prisons, and mining sites. Despite the size of each map, visual fatigue sets in pretty quickly. Thankfully, more maps are planned for future updates to help add some much needed variety. Land and water vehicles are scattered throughout both maps and range from motorcycles and buggies, to boats and jet skis. Vehicles are rare and make navigation much easier, but driving comes at the cost of stealth as other players can hear you coming from great distances.
Visually PUBG is serviceable. Its realistic visuals set it apart from its biggest competitor, Fortnite, but it doesn’t stack up to higher budget efforts. Fortunately, on a middle budget mobile, it runs smoothly with very few instances of lag or technical difficulties. The only form of player progression comes from cosmetic items found in loot crates.
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